Evolution Gaming is a leading software provider of live dealer casino games. The company streams live casino games in real-time from custom-built studios across Europe. Evolution offers an exciting selection of live dealer games that bring the atmosphere of a real casino straight to your home. We’ll explore some of Evolution Gaming’s most popular live dealer game shows and what makes them so entertaining.

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Evolution Gaming’s Top 10 Live Dealer Casino Games

1. Dream Catcher

  • Large vertical money wheel with 54 segments
  • Multiplier segments up to 10x
  • Bonus round triggers like 2x and 7x
  • Bets placed on individual segments
  • Live host operates the wheel
  • Real-time commentary from host
  • Suspenseful as wheel spins
  • Combines Roulette betting with prize wheel

The Dream Catcher money wheel is one of Evolution’s most popular games. This simple yet suspenseful game features a large vertically spinning money wheel divided into 54 segments. Players can bet on which individual segments the wheel will land on. Segments include multipliers ranging from 2x to 10x, as well as 2x and 7x bonus segments that trigger extra spins. A live host operates the wheel and provides entertaining commentary. As the wheel spins, players feel suspense as they anticipate where the pointer will land. Dream Catcher combines Roulette-style betting with the entertainment of a carnival prize wheel for an overall thrilling experience.

2. Crazy Time

  • Four entertaining bonus games
  • Main wheel triggers bonuses
  • Cash Hunt augmented reality bonus
  • Pachinko pinball-style game
  • Coin Flip double-or-nothing guessing
  • Crazy Time big arrow wheel
  • Massive payouts up to 5000x
  • Zany, over-the-top visuals
  • Variety of betting options

Crazy Time is a high-energy live game show with four entertaining bonus rounds. The main wheel has 54 segments corresponding to the four bonus games – Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. When the wheel lands on a bonus game, the specific game launches with oversized visuals and the chance for massive payouts up to 5000x the bet. Cash Hunt is an augmented reality coin shootout, while Pachinko loads up a colorful pinball machine board. Coin Flip is a simple double-or-nothing guessing game, while Crazy Time features a huge spinning arrow wheel. Players appreciate Crazy Time’s variety of betting options and bonusing potential.

3. Lightning Roulette

  • Live European Roulette wheel and table
  • “Lucky Numbers” randomly assigned
  • Lightning multipliers up to 500x
  • Striking visuals and effects
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Suspense waiting on Lucky Numbers
  • Adds electrifying layer to Roulette
  • Can win big on a single spin

Lightning Roulette injects electrifying multipliers into live Roulette gameplay. Numbers on the Roulette wheel are assigned random “Lucky Numbers” during each spin. If the ball lands on a Lucky Number, players win multiplied payouts up to 500x their bet. The suspense of waiting for the Lucky Numbers adds an extra layer of excitement to each Roulette spin. Multiple cameras showcase the action in striking quality. Lightning Roulette supercharges the classic game with randomly hit mega-win multipliers.

4. Deal or No Deal Live

  • Interactive live recreation of TV game show
  • Choose suitcases to reveal cash amounts
  • Decide to take Banker’s deal or not
  • Bonus features like extra spins
  • Genuine show hosts and visuals
  • Makes you feel like you’re on the set
  • Chance to play along in real-time
  • Familiar, entertaining format

This live game show adapts the famous Deal or No Deal TV show into an interactive experience. Players get to play along in real-time as the show’s host picks suitcase numbers to reveal cash amounts. Like the TV show, players must decide to take the Banker’s deal or keep eliminating suitcases. Special bonuses like extra Deal Spins and boosted Banker offers add chances to win big. With genuine hosts and the familiar briefcase visuals, Deal or No Deal Live makes you feel like you’re on the actual game show set.

5. Monopoly Live

  • Iconic Monopoly board game as live show
  • Animated 3D visuals and effects
  • Virtual car rolls around board
  • Bet on Chance, Community Chest, properties
  • “Hot Properties” pay more like Boardwalk
  • Captures entertainment of board game
  • Makes you feel inside a Monopoly game
  • Offers traditional betting options

Monopoly Live brings the iconic property-trading board game to life as a live game show. The dynamic 3D visuals make you feel like you’re inside a Monopoly game. Properties light up as the virtual car rolls around the board. Players can bet on traditional spots like Chance and Community Chest cards, as well as “Hot Properties” like Boardwalk and Park Place which pay more. Monopoly Live captures all the lively entertainment of playing the classic board game.

6. Football Studio

  • Wager on live football match events
  • Watch real-time match footage
  • Live updated odds and match stats
  • Bet on corners, penalties, cards, results
  • For serious sports bettors
  • Allows instant bets while watching
  • Interfaces with live match data
  • Provides real-time match insight

For sports bettors, Football Studio allows you to wager on live football matches as you watch them streamed in real-time. The interface displays live odds and stats from the match. Players can bet on outcomes like corner kicks, penalties, red/yellow cards, and of course – final match results. Football fans appreciate being able to bet instantaneously on live match events while watching real-time footage.

7. Baccarat Control Squeeze

  • Player-controlled card squeezing
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Suspenseful card reveals
  • Adjustable reveal speed
  • Traditional baccarat rules
  • Makes you active participant
  • Keeps players engaged throughout
  • Adds anticipation to reveals
  • Modernizes classic baccarat

Baccarat Control Squeeze gives players control over revealing the cards in baccarat hands. Multiple cameras provide a range of visual perspectives as the squeeze unfolds. The game follows traditional baccarat rules, but the squeezing injects suspense and keeps players invested in each reveal. Players can “squeeze” the cards at their own pace for added anticipation. Baccarat Control Squeeze modernizes baccarat without changing the classic game mechanics.

8. Caribbean Stud Poker

  • Five-card poker game against dealer
  • Must beat dealer’s hand to win
  • Side bets and jackpots available
  • Multiple camera perspectives
  • Swift hand pacing
  • Skilled live dealers
  • Classic poker gameplay
  • Translates well online with dealer
  • Intense heads-up poker action

Caribbean Stud Poker sees players go head-to-head with the dealer in this popular five-card poker game. The live dealer deals out hands which you’ll compete to make the best five-card poker hand. You can also place progressive jackpot side bets. Multiple cameras showcase each swift hand in detail. Caribbean Stud Poker transfers the fast-paced poker action online with live dealers.

9. Speed Blackjack

  • Blackjack dealt extremely rapidly
  • High pace for more hands per hour
  • Play multiple hands simultaneously
  • Suited for experienced players
  • Standard Blackjack rules apply
  • Allows quicker card turnover
  • Increased potential win rate
  • Ideal for Blackjack enthusiasts
  • Action-packed accelerated play

Speed Blackjack delivers high-speed Blackjack play with hands dealt rapidly in quick succession. The fast pace allows more hands per hour to be played, upping the potential win rate. You can play multiple hands at once against the dealer. Ideal for experienced players, Speed Blackjack offers a accelerated Blackjack experience with all the standard rules.

10. Double Ball Roulette

  • Two balls spun on same wheel
  • Provides two chances to win per spin
  • Greater odds and payout potential
  • Uniquely evolved Roulette variant
  • Balls spin simultaneously
  • Adds twist without changing game
  • More betting opportunities
  • Retains sophistication of Roulette
  • Fresh take on classic Roulette

This Roulette variant uses two balls instead of one! The twin balls are spun simultaneously on the same wheel, essentially giving players two chances to win per spin. With two balls in play, the odds of winning payouts become greater. Evolution Gaming’s unique take on Double Ball Roulette retains the game’s sophistication while adding more opportunities to score wins.